The history of group foundation


In 1990 by amalgamation of Gosatomenergonadzor USSR and Gosgortekhnadzor USSR the Gospromatomnadzor USSR had been founded, in this case, “Scientific and Technical Center on Safety in Nuclear Power Industry” had been transformed to “Scientific and Technical Center on Safety in Industry and Nuclear Power “in which the industrial safety department had been formed for the first time.
Scientific - technical provision of the new department had been delegated to its leader - V.I. Sidorov who had formed the team of the researchers and highly qualified specialists in the field of industrial safety comprising at present the talent pool of the Group of Companies «Industrial Safety » (Dr.Sci.Tech.:A.S. Pecherkin, E.V. Klovach, S.N. Buinovski, M.V. Lisanov, I.A. Kruchinina, V.K. Shalayev; PhD in Technical Sciences : Yu. F. Karabanov, A.A. Agapov, S.M. Lykov, A.F. Gontarenko., A.I. Grazhdankin, V.V. Simakin, M.V. Startsev, K.V. Buiko, S.I. Sumskoi).
With the fall of the USSR in 1991the Gosgortekhnadzor of Russia had been formed and under its jurisdiction the “Scientific and Technical Center on Safety in Industry” had been established, which is being headed irremovably by V.I. Sidorov.
Main activities of STC “Industrial Safety” became the provision of scientific - technical support for the supervision activity, coordination of work and researches aimed at ensuring industrial safety, as well as performance of the independent expertise and assessment of industrial plants safety.
In the period from 1991-1998 as a result of the Center specialists and researchers activity the concept of “industrial safety” itself had been formulated, the scientific grounding of the science discipline had been given that found practical application in inclusion of the new scientific speciality “industrial safety” in the nomenclature of Higher Attestation Commission of Russia in 1996 (from 2001 - "fire and industrial safety ").
By the efforts of V.I. Sidorov and his close associates the scientific grounding was given to state regulation in the field of industrial safety by implementing new technologies of control: expertise, risk declaration and assessment, licensing, liability insurance, which in 1997 were practically implemented in the Federal Law "On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities”, the Decrees of the Russian Federation Government,  normative legal acts adopted in furtherance of the Law.
From 1998 the main task of the state enterprise STC «Industrial Safety” became the establishment of the System of industrial safety expertise and implementation of principles of accreditation of conformity assessment bodies. The Center started fulfilling the functions of the body on accreditation, which according to ISO 17011 code are not compatible with the conformity assessment.
For meeting the requirements of independence and objectiveness on the bases of subdivisions dealing with conformity assessment (industrial safety expertise and personnel certification) the Center employees had set up – “Industrial Risk Research Agency” » and «STC «Industrial Safety », which at a later stage were amalgamated in Non-Profit-Making Partnership NTC “Industrial Safety”
In 2006 based on the decision of the Federal agency on federal administration of property the Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Scientific and Technical Center on Safety in Industry” had been privatized by transformation to Open Joint Stock Company, and in 2008 100% shares of Open Joint Stock Company «Scientific and Technical Center on Safety in Industry» belonged to the Russian Federation had been sold to the private company OOO «Institute of Transport and Industrial Safety » (the results of sales were published in the official bulletin «Public Assets» dated 21.01.2009 №2, page 6).
The lead specialists, research associates and experts earlier worked in SC “NTC Industrial Safety” headed by professor V.I. Sidorov had finally focused their activity in the organizations being part of the Group of Companies “Industrial Safety”.


OAO Gazprom, OAO NK Rosneft, AK Transneft, OAO Koncern Energoatom, ZAO SIBUR-Khimprom,OOO Severgazprom, OOO RN-SEVERNAYA-NEFT, OOO Orenburggazprom, ZAO SeverTEK, OAO CKB «Korall» ZAO Neftegazstroy , OAO MN Druzhba, OAO Vostochno-sibirskaya gazovaya kompaniya, OAO Chernomortransneft, OAO Tattransgas, OOO Balttransnefteprodukt, OAO Verkhnevolzhskiye magistralnuye nefteprovody, OAO Verkhnechonskneftegas, OAO Transammiak, ООО GAZFLOT, OOO Vostoknefteprovod, OAO Gazpromregiongas, OAO NPO BURENIYE, OOO VNIIGAS, OAO Giprotruboprovod, OAO Giprovostokneft, OOO Gazpromenergodiagnostika, OOO Kaspiyskaya morskaya kompaniya, etc.

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